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Another fine service offered by Wing Waxers Northwest is our Boeshield T-9® Internal Corrosion Treatment. Developed by Boeings Material Technology Laboratories, Boeshield T-9® is effective because of its excellent water displacement, penetration and protective film development. The resulting coating will outlast competitive treatments and exhibits excellent results in salt spray exposure.
Wing Waxers Northwest uses a sophisticated spraying system to achieve better coverage of hidden surfaces and access to key corrosion producing areas. Once on the surface, Boeshield T-9® has excellent penetrating and moisture displacing properties. Using capillary action it will cut through and stop existing corrosion, find its way into lap joints, seams and around rivets, and eventually weep out the exterior. However, this activity stops after a limited time (usually 5 to 7 days) at which point a waxy film develops in all areas. In this way the coating will stay put for much longer than the all liquid treatments, eliminating the continual weepage and cosmetic problems associated with them.
When reapplication is necessary (usually 3 to 5 years depending on service and exposure) the existing coating will be re-liquefied and resume its penetration and weepage, again only for a limited period. Boeshield T-9®also is non-conductive and will not cause short circuits in electrical systems. Boeshield T-9® has a mineral spirit base and has no harsh solvents such as MEK or Trichlor Ethylene. Therefore, it is safe to use around most paints, plastics, rubber, vinyls, wiring, and many glues. Boeshield T-9® also meets all flammability requirements of Federal Aviation Regulation 25-32 after the solvents have evaporated, and is effective from -40 degrees to 250 degrees F.
Boeshield T-9 ® is an outstanding product that was developed by the Boeing Corporation exclusively for aircraft use. We highly prefer this product to well known competitor’s products due to the mess they make. We’re in the business of making aircraft look their best. Any product that contradicts our mission is simply unacceptable for use by Wing Waxers!

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