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We first begin to prepare the plane by removing the dust and loose debris with the California Car Duster.
We then remove any bugs or bird droppings from the leading edges of the wings, horizontal & vertical stabilizers as well as the cowling, engine nacelles, flaps and landing gear. This is all done using Wing Waxers Degrease/De-Bug Cleaner.
After a thorough de-bugging it's time to degrease the Belly, Landing Gear, Cowling and/or Engine Nacelles. Again this task will be accomplished using Wing Waxers Biodegradable Degrease/De-Bug Cleaner in compliance with all EPA regulations.
At this point we'll need to deoxidize all painted surfaces (over & under) with Wing Waxers De-Ox Cleaner. The deoxidizing is a necessary step regardless of "how new" or "how good" your paint presently appears. Deoxidizing the paint will ensure maximum adhesion of our Teflon Sealant by removing any wax, grease, exhaust and any oil films. Our De-Ox Cleaner is an ultra mild abrasive of a 3300-grit factor combined with detergent additives making it impossible to wear through any painted surface. Typical rubbing compounds have an 800 to 1500-grit factor.
After washing down the entire aircraft to remove all dry residues from our De-Ox Cleaner, we will apply Wing Waxers "One-Year" Teflon Sealant. This product will offer you the highest possible reflective value of you painted surfaces, as well as afford you the absolute ultimate in paint protection. Unlike a common wax or polish that will deteriorate in just a few months, Wing Waxers Teflon Sealant will cure to form a thermal plastic resin to last well over a year in most cases.
Our preference of products for cleaning Plexiglas, Lucite, Lexan or Acrylite windows is Plexus "anti-static" Cleaner, Protectant & Polish. Though all plastic polishes tend to streak and smear, Plexus leaves the least noticeable residues behind and offers the highest in clarity.
For those of you that have polished spinners and/or propellers etc. we use Nuvite Aluminum Polish to give you the "closest to chrome" finish you'll ever see anywhere. No other product even comes close to the finish we achieve with Nuvite!
No job is completed until we've cleaned and treated your Tires, Rubber Seals and Deice Boots. For this task we use Wing Waxers "silicon free" Rubber Lubricant & Protectant to bring back the rich black color and reduce the deterioration.

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